How is PayKloud Ecommerce different from a payment gateway.

Ever since making purchases on the Internet was made possible back in the 1990s, the technology enabling customers to buy online use their cards, the online payment provider is known as an online payment gateway.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a software interface that enables a website to submit requests to charge a customer’s card.

By itself, a payment gateway cannot process the transaction, an online merchant account is required. A merchant account is special account which enables the payment gateway to charge a transaction.

Historically it’s been difficult for small business to be approved for an online merchant account through banking institutions, an it is also complex and cumbersome to integrate it technologically.

Traditional Ecommerce




Software vendor


Payment gateway


Acquiring bank



Making it easier for small business

Rather than requiring a small business to setup and manage difficult to get merchant account & further taking on the challenges to securely enables and integrate technology to their online store, PayKloud provides a simple ready to go live solution with any of the complexities.

Being free to setup and maintain, it’s small-medium business friendly solution that provides a storefront that is ready to accept card payments from your online customers Worldwide

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